Thursday, December 28, 2006


The bear hide completely dry today. So I scraped remaining membrane by scraper and pumice.

These are my tools which I used today. From top left: pumice (bought from Traditional Tanners), scraper (bought this brade from Traditional Tanner and attached a parts of "photo stand". It looks hard to grip, but it is really useful and poweful), Koro (healer...... I must need), From bottom left; wet stone, clipper.

My scraper is gripped like that. The brade is really sharp so you should not let your dog lick.

Scraping by my photostand scraper

By pumice. It is hard work but interesting!

The hide was completely dried, but after rubbed by pumice, it looks a little soft than before. But it still looks like raw hide..... lol, Raw hide but it is oily, so flexible. I guess I don't use oil for softening it......... but my teacher said that you should use it...... OK, I believe my teacher.
We will have snow tomorrow. So I will leave it then damp it the day after tomorrow, and softening it the next day.