Thursday, December 21, 2006


I introduce my puppy today!

His name is Koro. He is only 3 month's old Spitz. Do you know Spitz? The really name of Spitz is JAPANESE SPITZ.
We really love him.

Today, I pulled the bear hide from tanning solutions. I can't judge whether it tanned well or not. Because I have never tanned any hide. It is not smell, really soft. and not greasy now. The Rittel's Super Solvent well worked, but it still a little oily, so I intend to eliminate oiling step. It is draining now.
But I tried to pull the hair strong, the hair slipped. I guess it because the hide is wet now. So I guess it is not big problem. But I am worrying. I hope slip hair will stop when it dry. It still remain some membran and perhaps fat. So I intend to frame when the hide will almost dry ~ not complete dry ~. Then I will shave it by dry scraper and sand it.

I was ordered a "Whisky Flask Case" about 5~8 years ago. The owner's request was belt pouch. So I recommended that sholder strap type is better for use. Then the owner wishs it this time. The strap would collaborate with FUNNY Co., Ltd. Like as attached picture's belt. This is collaborate item with FUNNY.