Tuesday, December 19, 2006


I tried to scrape on my pvc beam today with wet scraper. It could shaved remained fat but I couldnot scrape off membran. The blade did not bite. So I gave up and returned to the Safety Acid. I intend to degrease tomorrow by Rittel's degreaser. And after soak in the degreaser, I will go to coin car beauty space and try to use power wash. I wish it will work well to cut grease and perhaps........ I am glad if the power wash will bite the membran.
I am worrying about my bear's smell. It begin to smell. It is not so strong now, and like as old fat going to decay?????? ...... smell like a back street of Chinese restaurant...... lol. I thought the bear smell is grease smell then it would be decrease when the hide submerged in the acid pickles but actually, it is increasing. So I become anxiety. Perhaps, I didn't fleshed well?????? I will degrease tomorrow so perhaps the smell would be decrease after that. Rittel's method tell that the fur should buck to acid pickles after it would be degreased.... but I don't wish to buck it. Because the pickle smell well. The same smell.

I introduce my wife. Her name is Yuki. I love her. We married Sep. 2005.

She is eating ODEN. Japanese winter food.