Friday, December 22, 2006

X'mas present

Now, I laid my bear on a flat floor, and dryed it by my hair dryer and a soft sunlight. So the hair side is dry now. I found that the fresh side's color changed. It become white. Maybe the tanning agent penetrated enough and it worked well, I believe. I didn't try to pull the hair because the fresh side is still wet much now. So I intend to let it keep lie tonight. Then frame it tomorrow.
I feel hair slippage is going to stop. Because I rubbed it well when I used my hair dryer, but it wasn't slip any hair. I really thank Quill, who is my important big sister. She gave me a lot of advices. Moreover, I received really good X'mas presents. Richard Blackhawk's music CD and Tape. His music is really good. I wish to join his Rendezvous and listen his song around the camp fire.........