Friday, August 24, 2007

Tanning Japanese deer

I caught a cold yesterday. But fine today.
Here, Kobe, is really hight humidity this week. It really tire us. Especially Koro. He has really nice pelt. But I heard from someone that dogs protect their body from hot weather by their pelts. So maybe they don't feel too hot as us........ well, I wish so....... lol.

Now, I have tanned a few deer skins. Sorry for I did not write about it, moreover I have not written anything... lol.
First, I was given a deer hide from same MATAGI - Japanese bear hunter - who gave me the bear. It was really small 1 year's deer. The skin was 120cm about (4 ft.).
Japanese deer is the same form with Red deer. But not so big. And they are really delicious but their hide are thin than American deer. My first hide was really thin. That was really hard to scrape grain.
I tanned this deer with wet scrape techniques. I learned those techniques from books, a forum, from a my friend.
I read Steven & Tamara's book mainly. Also read the Jim Riggs's book, and visited Matt's web site. My friend Dixie gave me some suggestive ideas however she is dry scrape tanner. I intend to tan with dry scrape techniques from my next hide as Dixie's advices. Because the wet scrape techniques make too stink for our housing statement. Moreover the Lakota people use dry scrape methods.

I use pvc beam. and a little sharp edged curve wet scraper which was given from Dixie. I bought Matt's wet scraper so I will try it next fleshing.
I did not use any chemicals.

I start the first deer tanning from March 12th and done May 23th. I took a break and preseved it in halfway (It required proccess). And it needed a long time for soaking the skin. So actualy I needed maybe 2 weeks.

This was the first experience to braintan and deer. But I really like my first brain tanned deer hide.
I make some small pouchs with this hide.