Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Bear hide was.........

After membranning, I did softening the bear on the frame. I used staking tool which was made by myself. And I trimmed excess edges but I failed it. Trimmed too much. Really regret.
The bear hide looks became good fur. But it was little greasy. So I washed with dish soap twice. However it was still greasy.
Then I used kerosene. I did not soak it in kerosene. I only rub it to the hair and wipe it. It looked work than dish soap.
Anyway, my bear hide still keep good condition. I really thank it for quills who is my tanning and philosophy teacher. And I also thank to everyone who helped my project especialy Yuki who is my wife. Oh! I forget I have to thank to Koro who is my dog!
I also thank to god for gave me such chance to tan.

Tomorrow, I will post about the next hide....... Japanese deer.