Sunday, August 26, 2007

Japanese tanner is.... or was.......

I tanned a few deer hide with wet scrape techniques. And I will continue it but use dry scrape techniques.

By the way, I have other blogs. These are Japanese blog. I have posted about my tanning. Then some people contacted with me.
I introduce you about it today.

Well, here is good email which I sent to my master today. So I paste it.

Our SAMURAI people was the top status. But the tanner is the most lower status. Our old people still distinguish tanner. Tanner was recognized as the same states with domestic animal. Almost them still live in the place which is just like as Indian reservation. So the distinguish is still there in our country.
So I honest say, this distinguish was my highest hurdle. Because our family was SAMURAI. So my families opposed to tanning animal. And Japanese tanners did not want to tell their knowledges to us. So I asked to teach me to you(maybe you are wondering that "Why Hilo asked really basic techniques to me..... his country has such a awesome tanning techniques" ).
But now, I succeeded to tan a few animals. And I am posting about it to my Japanese blog. I honest say, it was my propaganda. I guess it was a shocking thing for our community. But I guess I got success. Because a lot of Japanese viewed my blog and interested in tanning. Moreover a lot of tanner viewed too and interested in me then some tanner contacted with me. They wish to support my act. Like as HIMEJI SHIRO KAWA people.
Now, my family support me too.
I wish to destroy such a stupid distinguish.

I will post about HIMEJI SHIRO KAWA tomorrow.