Saturday, August 25, 2007

Gifts from MATAGI friend

I was given a bear's lower jaw from my MATAGI friend. He also gave, dried wild boar's gall bladder, bear fat oil, and bear meat which was already cooked by him.

Our authentic people use dried wild boar's gall bladder for medicine. I heard it really work for a kind of bad shaped stomach and hangover. Bear's gall bladder more work than wild boar's but it is really expensive.
I tried to take today. It was really bitter. But Koro was really interested in. So I gave it small fragment. He ate that! Moreover he looked he wanted more!

The bear who was owned this lower jaw was caught in a trap. So few teeth were cracked. The bear seems run riot in the stockade.

Bear oil is used for medicine too. I heard it works for burn, chilblains, wound(gash or other), etc...... Or woman can use it like as facial cream. I heard it really good work.

I ate the bear meat yesterday night. It was a kind of food served in the pot. It was so dellicious! Then, we became pep. recovered our spirits. Of course Koro too!