Friday, August 31, 2007

INDEN - One of Japanese traditional leather

We Japanese started brain tan from before 700 A.C. The techniques are came from Korea after 600 A.C. and were progressed by our ancient people.
The techniques had been continued till 1800 A.C. But when the after opened the country to foreign intercourse then European tanning method was introduced, Our ancient techniques gradually became obsoleted.

However I can introduce you 2 famous Japanese traditional tanning techniques.
Today, I introduce one of those.

INDEN leather is really famous not only domestic but also world wide. INDEN have used deer skin and they had tanned with rotten cow brain till about 100 year ago. But they use formalin now. INDEN's distinctive feature is used URUSHI "the sap of the Japanese lacquer (a kind of poison ivy)" for the colors.
INDEN is the grain off leather but they burn the surface with iron then it become smooth surface like as the grain on leather.
Their knowledge is awesome and their techniques are particular but they don't share it. But they have many successors so the INDEN shall continue to the future and build up their new traditions.

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